Ewa Kaczorkiewicz Psycholog Psychoterapia Indywidualna i Terapia Par Warszawa Ursynów

I offer counseling and individual psychotherapy for adults, as well as couples therapy. I invite persons, who have emotional problems, difficulties in relations, experience crisis or loss, suffer from low self-esteem or cannot find purpose in their lives, domestic violence victims, and witnesses, people who feel lonely, need emotional support and those who look for development and positive change in their lives. I also offer help for couples, who experience problems or distress in their relationship.

MAKE AN APPOINTMENT  mob. 535 987 807

About me:

I am a psychologist, a graduate of Warsaw University and additional four-year postgraduate training in psychotherapy in the humanistic approach. I have experience in the field of psychological help for people suffering from emotional crisis (loneliness, anxiety, depression, relations and family problems, death of a relative, stress at work, financial problems, lack of meaning in life), domestic violence victims and witnesses, couple's therapy in systematic approach, as well as experience in the work with people, who want to get to know themselves better and develop themselves. 


My practice is located in Ursynów district, close to Imielin metro station (see map and pictures here). It's easily accessible from Mokotów and Wilanów districts by car, bus or metro. Sessions via skype for people from other cities or countries are also possible.

Cost of therapy:

A 50-minute individual session in my office or via Skype costs 150 zł. A couples therapy session (90 minutes) costs 250 zł.


Ewa Kaczorkiewicz, mobile: +48 535 987 807 (if I can't answer the phone I will call you back) or by mail: ewa.kaczorkiewicz@gmail.com